Synergie in International Human Development

What we do
With whom we work.
Key achievements and consultancy impacts.
Recent and current assignments

What we do.

Although there are obviously many forms of ‘working together’ and even more reasons to do so, depending the nature and sector of the client organization, its core business and goals, there are in general three intertwined key capacities for cooperation that our synergetic consultancy services enhance and develop:

Learning and growing , e.g. from own operations, experiences and results as well as from outside experiences, bench marks and contextual evolutions and trends 
Innovation and communication e.g. concerning core operations, skills, technologies as well as vital relationships and networks
Performance and impacting, e.g. concerning efficiency in resource generation and use as well as serving more clients, target groups, etc.

In short SYNERGIE helps clients to become (1) smarter, (2) pro-active and (3) stronger by developing the appropriate capacities, networks, forms of connectivity and active cooperation.

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With whom we work.

International cooperation in Human Development represents a very wide and complex domain of relationships at a multitude of social, economic, geographic and political levels and forms and goals of institutions and organisations. SYNERGIE has built up a vast working experience with non-profit as well as for-profit organisations; we work with clients in the Private Sector, Governmental Sector as well as Civil Society Sector, in many countries.

We have undertaken and are involved in the cooperation enhancement within and between all kinds of clients active in agriculture and food supply and value chains

* grass-root and community organisations;

* farmers’ cooperatives and producers’ associations, platforms, Credit & Saving Unions

* Civil Society organisations such as Development NGOs, Trade Unions,

* Professional Education and Training organisations such as Universities, Schools and Centres

* Research and Extension organisations

* Enterprises in agribusiness and related economic fields

* Multilateral, Bilateral and National donor, funding and technical assistance organisations

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Key achievements and consultancy impacts.

Obviously, hard  results and impacts are produced by the client-organisations them-selves.

As a facilitating consultant,  SYNERGIE contributes to outcomes of the enhanced and guided consulting processes. Yet, through our synergetic approach and focus on cooperation skills, the improvement of the clients’ specific capacities and performance leads to strategic outcomes such as:

* increased competences for effective planning, monitoring and learning competences;

* improved core competences, organisational performance and results

* increased efficiency in resource management (resource use and generation)

* awareness and understanding by client-organisations of their role and mission in a changing and modernizing environment of stakeholders; some clients “reinvent” themselves

* knowledge and competences to adapt, innovate and to become more pro-active, even a mover or a leader

* capacity to analyse, negotiate, start and maintain effective partnerships, projects and/or specific win-win situations

* capability to become a reliable partner for other stakeholders in the sector or field concerned

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Recent and current assignments

Democratic Republic of Congo, RDC, Province of Bas-Congo, on-going assignment since 2013.

* Organisational restructuring and capacity building of a medium size NGO with the aim to provide new rural development services to small holders and medium size farms producing main food crops in the region such as cassava, groundnut ,beans, mainly for local and Kinshasa markets

* organisation and integration of farmers’ groups and associations, cooperatives, into the various value chains; linking groups with markets; organisation of input supply

* skills development for producer groups in action-learning and innovation; groups’ management and organisation of own field trials and “cooperation for economies of scale”

* cooperation by client NGO with other specialised rural service providers


Democratic Republic of Congo, RDC,  on-going assignment since 2009

* Strategic scenario planning and organisational capacity building of a national wide Trade Union in Mining, Metal, Energy and Chemical industries, including a special Department for small scale mining.

* Policy planning and implementation of a new and effective and democratic  membership organisation and structures throughout seven provinces in the country

* Developing hands-on training curriculum and tools for Union committee members, shop stewards and organisers

* Maintaining networks at international levels in support of this new Trade Union.



Egypt, Governorates of Fayoum, Beni Suef, El Minya , recent assignment (2011-2012)

* Participating in preparing and writing a NUFFIC/NICHE  tender proposal for Larenstein University concerning the creation of a Centre of Excellence of Farmers’ Field School, CE/FFS , adopted as Egypt’s official agricultural extension policy in 2010

* Exploring and negotiating with Egyptian partners for the programme, including the Ministry of Agriculture and  related Governorate Authorities and Fayoum Univesity

* Initiating the programme with all cluster partners involved, in The Netherlands and in Egypt

* Stand-by advisor for this programme for all partners involved