Type of clients: with whom we work

Over the years, SYNERGIE has been working with a broad range of organisations in many countries (link to map) from virtually all sectors in society. To name but a few: Governmental and Technical Services, Rural Extension Services, farm Field Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Research Institutions & Programmes, Training Centres, NGOs and other type of non-profit associations, Civil Society Platforms, Farmers’ Organisations and Associations, Cooperatives, Women Organisations, Trade Unions and (con)Federations, Churches, Enterprises in Agribusiness, Food businesses, Exporters Associations…

The clients that benefit from our international cooperation services all share a few common characteristics. i.e. they:

* sense the urge to change, to do ‘things’ differently ;

* this may involve the felt need to change management practices, to improve outputs (quality, quantity), to know measured impacts but also to rethink and redesign policies, and even organisational vision and mission

* are confronted with changing socioeconomic contexts and partnerships, funding and  financial restrictions, new institutional contexts or law regulations

* even with their "battles of organisational survival " they have to come to understand the need to cooperate with other stakeholders but wonder how to go about this

* may discover that partnerships in the private sector are a better form of sustainability than continuous sponsorships and subsidies