Synergie in International Business Development

What we do
With whom we work
Key achievements and consultancy impacts
Recent and current assignments

What we do

Staying true to our core business of Agriculture and Food development, SYNERGIE has much to offer to small and medium enterprises (SME) in virtually all input supply and value chains. There is hardly another form of industrial organisation that depends on cooperation amongst stakeholders, than food value chains. The famous “from farm to fork” slogan may represent more than 15 (groups of) actors, depending the local situation.

In this field, international cooperation is increasing rapidly, including business-to-business, B2B between African and European (Dutch) enterprises.

SYNERGIE explores various forms of cooperation, partnering and ‘Joint-Ventures’, through services such :

        * Business plan development and exploring potential matches for supply, participation, or other forms of cooperation

        * Organizing and guiding business tours in The Netherlands

        * Thinking through investment plans and exploring way for funding, including options for grants or other forms of support for the implementation of the investment and business plan

         * Providing additional technical assistance, when appropriate, in the agricultural production domains we are familiar with, such as vegetable, cereal, poultry and fish

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With whom we work

In principle, we work with innovative entrepreneurs, .i.e. clients in the “agribiz” along any value chain in food and agriculture, depending the appropriateness of the business plan in terms of complementary partnership. In short, our client is: "whoever initiates whatever kind of business idea with subsequent investment, in any value chain, from resource procurement to consumer markets"

Our clients are:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of inputs as feed, organic fertilizer, machines, equipment, but also credit, information and training
  • Producers, from single private companies to multi-member cooperatives in vegetables, fruits, cereals, tubers, dairy, pork, poultry, fish, etc
  • Post harvest handlers, processors, packers, coolers
  • Marketing, branding and trade specialists
  • Investors, financers, funders, bankers,

SYNERGIE is not acting alone in this domain. Besides being a members of the Netherlands-Africa Business Council, NABC,  SYNERGIE is providing business cooperation services in close cooperation with a multi disciplinary group of professional business developers, AlliancePlus Partners in Business Development, based in The Hague, The Netherlands; SYNERGIE is an Associated Partner of AlliancePlus.

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Key achievements and consultancy impacts

These consultancy services lead to:

  • Strengthening short and long-term B2B networks, business contacts
  • Significant improvements of initial business ideas, business and investment plans
  • New opportunities for supplies and marketing cooperation
  • Joint- venture  and other forms of partnership for innovation and learning as well as expansion of capacities, production,  products and markets
  • New investments, sometime with support of on-going grant and subsidy programmes
  • Administrative and technical support to the partners implementing a PSI (Private Sector Investment)  project, and  co-financed otherwise


Recent and current assignments

Ongoing (since 2012)
Egypt:  investment project in intensive fish farming and export; match making, technical and marketing cooperation by Egyptian entrepreneurs and financers with Dutch partners;

Ongoing (since 2013)
Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC: investment initiative to expand significantly poultry production (eggs and meat) in Provincial capital; business and investment planning;  technical counselling; meeting essential providers of equipments and products; negotiation of a Congo-Dutch partnership

Ongoing (since 2012)
Egypt:  development of new food supplements and healthy or fortified food products for national and export markets (middle East/Gulf States); matchmaking and joint-venture building with Egyptian and Dutch entrepreneurs specialised in food and pharmacological products;