WELCOME to the web pages of SYNERGIE Consultancy in International Cooperation!!

 “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation”

Bertrand RUSSELL

Philosophers or evolutionary biologists, management gurus or innovation researchers…, all agree that cooperation is the foundation for life and living together, for making progress and improving business.

We are SYNERGIE, a Dutch consultancy business specialised in international cooperation in Africa, the Near East and Europe (map). We are specialised and continue to evolve in the fields of sustainable agriculture, healthy food, water and mineral reuse and renewable energy from residues. 

Since 1989, we tailor various kinds of advisory and facilitation services that help a wide range of clients to improve their performance and results by learning how to strengthen their capacity to work together with other stakeholders, in order to create partnerships and win-win situations allowing them to evolve in increasingly complex domains by achieving goals and results which partners cannot achieve alone.

Our Company name is not just symbolic: synergy is the name of the game that drives not only our clients to create added value through our synergetic consultancy services, but also the way we shape, organise and provide these services.

As SYNERGIE, we walk the talk by offering specialised cooperation services for different types of clients. We do this in partnership and cooperation with different professional partners for clients working in three domains: