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SYNERGIE Consultancy in International Cooperation is an Associate in AlliancePlus, Partners in Business Development, a business consultancy firm under Dutch Law, based in The Hague, The Netherlands

In cooperation with other AlliancePlus associates, SYNERGIE in International Business Development offers some specialised business development services to clients in the private sector, essentially SME and businesses in agriculture and food supply chains.

These services concern two international development programmes implemented by AgentschapNL of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, , in cooperation with the Netherlands Embassies, in many countries in Africa and the Near East, namely:

Match Making Facility, MMF, which aims to facilitate the creation of a business partnership between a requesting entrepreneur from a wide number of countries and  entrepreneurs in The Netherlands. This consultancy service is activated and paid by the AgentschapNL which receives the request and attributes it to an accredited consulting agency, such as AlliancePlus

Private Sector Investment, PSI – until 2014 –  which aims to facilitate and partly subsidise a joint investment project by two business partners from these countries and The Netherlands. This consultancy service is directly contracted and paid by the business partners concerned.

The services concerning the MMF programme involve a series of prescribed consultancy activities including:

        * contacting potential entrepreneurs in The Netherlands who are interested in a business relation with the requesting entrepreneur

        * the organisation of a (private) business tour in The Netherlands by the requesting entrepreneur . During that visit contacts can be established with a few interested parties which may possibly lead to a business relationship.


The services concerning the PSI programme involve a longer and more complex series of consultation activities that include:

     *  pre-evaluating the business initiative, the cooperation between the two partners and the financing of  Joint-Venture for the implementation of the business initiative

     *  formulation and a timely presentation of a full project proposal and grant request according to the PSI formats and instructions

     *  administrative, financial and executive monitoring of the ;implementation of the investment project by the business partners and maintaining relationship with AgentschapNL during the entire life span of the project (max. 2 years)


Beside the services described above, SYNERGIE can provide additional technical consultancy services which are contracted separately by the international business partners during the implementation of their Joint Venture investment project, even when we are not involved in the PSI services. These services are in line with the cooperation enhancement approach as offered by SYNERGIE Consultancy in International Cooperation, and often concern issues as:

* organisational capacity in the new JV  &  Human Resource Development

* Joint Venture company strategies (supplies, branding, marketing, exportation, certifications)

*  horizontal integration of Farmers’ Associations into the food value chain concerned : technical training and organisational capacity