Results: what to expect from our capacity building and cooperation enhancement services

Process consultancies lasting at least 3 years or longer intermittent visit cycles result in tailor-made solutions and contributions to fundamental issues concerning the continuation and performance of the client organisations, structures, platforms, etc. These results obviously take shape according to the specific characteristics and needs of the client as these evolve during the process, for instance:

Designed development policy on watershed management, capacity building and improved management practices and skills as well as professional/technical skills on monitoring and evaluation in a Federation of Farmers’ Organisations; trained groups and Farmers Committees (men and women) as well as trained technicians;
Development of Curriculum design system; introduction of special Course curriculum and teaching methodologies and participatory research (R&D) courses in a 5 year University programme of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
Policy redesign,  restructuring and capacity building in a Federation of Women’s Organisations, including Credit & Saving groups, horticultural production and transformation groups, and grain banks
 Policy design, organisational design, membership and financial management, skills training  and cooperative strategies with various stakeholders of a Trade Union in three economic sectors

Short cycle consultancies less than 3 years of approximately three – four consultation visits with pre- and post-visit follow-up also lead to tailor-made solutions, such as:

Analysis of organisational and managerial constraints and redesign of development approaches for agricultural production and income generation, and funding strategies of an Union of Women groups
Design of a participatory training strategy (methodology and tools) for professionals and volunteers in a National Federation and its Affiliated Trade Unions

External (programme and project) Evaluations and other one-two time consultations; these results are conform the Terms of Reference produced by the client for the occasion; they normally also include a debriefing session by the funding agency/donor. Major outcomes are critical reviews of policies and issues as well as recommendations in these and possibly other fields

External Evaluation and Recommendations of a three year Regional Cooperation Programme of a number of national and local NGO’s in public health & nutrition,  agricultural production and youth skills
Participatory workshop on the design of an executive monitoring system with technicians of a Platform programme of three-tiers Farmers’ Organisations (Unions – Associations – Local Committees)