Type of services: what we do

The services of SYNERGIE Consultancy in International Cooperation aim to enhance organisational capacities and professional competences required to improve performance and results through cooperation, i.e. to work together, inside and between organisations that are specialised in the numerous fields of human development.

Indeed, ‘cooperation’ is one of the vital skills and key capacities for any type of organisation in all sectors of society ( profit and non-profit, Public, Private, Civil Society, PPP…)  This type of serve entails, more often than not, a review of the entire organisational context and managerial lay-out, its mission, strategies (policies), methods and practices, resources and, last but not least, its performance, results and impacts.

This kind of services are paid either through existing financial agreements between donor and client parties concerned or through direct contract payment between SYNERGIE and a financial (donor) party.

Three interactive key domains of our services are team-based and involve: ‘learning’, ‘innovation’ and ‘performance’;

enhancing ‘learning’ concerns not only all its aspects such as its socio-cultural setting and context, the people involved, goals, methods, tools, contents, planning, etc. but also all its strategic dimensions, e.g.  professional and technical learning, individual and group learning, as well as social learning and organisational learning. Learning and innovation are interactive organisational processes and activities;
enhancing ‘innovation’ in all its dimensions including critical analysis of what is going on, trying out different ways of doing things (together), changing communication, etc. Innovation is longing for change; ‘cooperation’ is part and parcel of that process; innovation is the ‘driver’ of improved professional and organisational performance
enhancing ‘performance’, obviously, concerns the “raison d’être” of the client; performance represents the very reason why the organisation exists in the first place while it represents the organisation’s products, results and possibly impacts and/or contribution to society, in the second place. In the end,  performance creates social embedding and acceptance of the organisation and thus enhances its raison d’être. Learning and innovation takes place ‘somewhere’ between the two ‘organisational extremes’ and so do the services offered by SYNERGIE which ultimately aim to improve the clients’ performance.