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G&B is currently establishing itself in Egypt; our services are evolving rapidly and meeting increasing interest amongst clients in the following sectors:

  • Private sector enterprises in production of food commodities  and special food components; residual streams in agriculture and food production often contain components with potential added value, industrial activity and business:

    • Energy and feed are important inputs in industrial chicken farms; manure and other biomass is a residual output can be transformed to produce energy (biogas and electricity) as well as safe organic fertilizer. Since recently, we assist an Egyptian enterprise in developing the appropriate solution in this domain, together with a Dutch technology provider
    • Egyptian Rice farmers, as rice farmers in any other country, produce huge quantities of rice straw; various biotechnologies and research results are locally available to produce bio-plastic components from rice straw for a wide range of building materials while e.g. replacing wood in the process
    • Rice millers produce large quantities of  rice husk and rice bran; link picture 2 rice bran; the latter residue has a series of properties which makes it one of the most interesting residues for a range of applications in the bakery and meat industry as well as for nutraceutical and pharmacological products with high added value in all triple-P aspects. This initiative will be combined with specialised services by SYNERGIE in International Business Development link  
  • Private-Public ventures that come out of public calls for business initiatives and development proposals for the public good, sponsored by International (e.g. European Union) and other local Earmarked Development Funds for the application of proven technology at industrial scale. In reaction to one of such calls, we recently created an International Public- Private Consortium for an industrial pilot project of algae production and extraction of oil and proteins in Egypt. In this consortium participate Biotechnology Departments from Egyptian and Dutch Knowledge Centres and  Universities as well as two private enterprises. link pictures 3 on algae photo bio- reactor, PBR
  • Public services and Holdings by Local Governments that are responsible for domestic urban wastewater management and treatments (primary, secondary..) in many agglomerations in Egypt face enormous capacity and treatment problems. Additional flows of used water from industrial and agricultural origins aggravate the situation in many a place.  G&B, through its pool of local experts and international contacts with biotechnology providers, is currently networking in the field of innovation of wastewater streams from an integrated and business model point of view, by producing added value products (such as gas, electricity) and cleaner water streams for discharging or for direct irrigation and even agricultural use.