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SYNERGIE Consultancy in International Cooperation is in the process of co-founding GREEN&BLUE, G&B, Partners in Bio-Based Business, a consultancy firm under Egyptian law; . GREEN&BLUE operates in the vast developing sector of bio-based technologies, the world of green technology and green economy.

Who we are:  G&B

  • Is a “change company” founded by a pluri-disciplinary core team of co-owners with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and business development involving professional domains such as agronomy, pharmacology, food, bio-technology , economy and finance
  • Manages a pool of external and independent experts in various industrial sectors, fields of operation as well as domains of science and applied research
  • Maintains an international network of green technology providers and developers

The core business of G&B is innovation and change within and between clients in the Private and Public sectors that run operations and businesses in supply and value chains in:

  • Agriculture, including aquaculture, Food, Food supplements, Nutrition, Health
  • Sustainable Energy, Water and Minerals in soils, in feed as well as in food